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Inspiration & Development

Inspiration Behind the Villa

The RUN-CHICKEN Villa is the result of our commitment to combine functionality with design in chicken care. It’s built to meet the specific needs of backyard poultry, offering a secure and comfortable shelter that’s easy on the eyes.

Inspired by practical insights and the natural environment, the Villa serves as a reliable, stylish home for chickens.

The Journey of Innovation

The development of the RUN-CHICKEN Villa required over 2.5 years and 3500 hours of intensive research and development.

This journey was marked by continuous refinement, thorough testing, and an unwavering quest for excellence. Starting from early designs to the completed coop, our focus on innovation, sustainability, and improving the chicken-keeping journey shaped every phase of development.

Setting New Standards

The RUN-CHICKEN Villa excels beyond former models and competitors with its distinctive design that maximizes space, ensures comfort, and enhances accessibility for both chickens and their keepers. It leverages advanced materials such as robust aluminum and roll-form EPS insulation panels, providing exceptional durability, resistance to weather elements, and straightforward upkeep. Designed with modularity in mind, it supports future enhancements, adapting as your flock expands.

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Delivery Time: EU within 2 weeks. Shipping to the USA starts in April.

Features & Specifications

Discover Unmatched Quality: Explore the Advanced Features & Specifications of the RUN-CHICKEN Villa

Ergonomic Design and Convenience

The RUN-CHICKEN Villa is designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring simplicity and optimal comfort for your chickens. It features doors that are easily accessible by both adults and children, making egg collection effortless and enjoyable. The coop’s carefully considered design promotes natural behaviors and social interactions among chickens, offering plenty of room for roosting, nesting, and exploring.

Modular Upgrades for Customization

Understanding the evolving needs of your flock, the Villa has been designed with modularity at its core. This allows for easy integration of upgrades and customizations, such as enhanced insulation panels, ensuring your coop can adapt and grow alongside your flock. Whether you’re expanding your brood or enhancing functionality, the Villa’s modular design supports it all.

Optimized Climate Control for Year-Round Comfort

The Villa is equipped with state-of-the-art climate control, ensuring your chickens are comfortable in all weather conditions. It utilizes roll-form EPS insulation panels in its walls and floors to maintain a cozy warmth during winter and coolness in summer. Additionally, a polycarbonate window with safety engraving allows ample natural light to enter without the risk of collisions, further enriching your chickens’ living environment and ensuring their safety.

Quick Assembly & Effortless Maintenance

Designed for ease, the Villa offers quick, one-person assembly in just an hour and features modular construction for straightforward cleaning with high-pressure washing. This approach maximizes your time with your flock, emphasizing convenience and simplicity.

Required Tool: Hex key (included with the coop)

Capacity and Breed Considerations

Designed to accommodate 6 – 8 chickens, the Villa is suitable for diverse breeds, from small bantams to larger heritage varieties. Its roomy interior, together with adjustable ventilation and insulation, guarantees optimal living conditions for all chickens, irrespective of their breed or size.

Superior Materials for Durability and Safety

The foundation of the Villa’s design is premium aluminum, selected for its superior strength, resistance to weather, and low maintenance needs. This choice guarantees the coop’s endurance through various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and sunlight, and adds a modern, stylish look. The lightweight characteristic of aluminum also improves the coop’s mobility, maintaining its sturdiness and durability.

Smart Technology for Happy Hens

The Villa's dimensions

  • size: 124 cm x 124 cm x 182 cm or 48.82 inches x 48.82 inches x 71.65 inches
  • weight: 67 kg or 147.71 pounds
  • Equipped with automatic coop doors for seamless, secure access.
  • Feeder included, ensuring efficient and hassle-free feeding.
€3,200.00   €1,990.00
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Delivery Time: EU within 2 weeks. Shipping to the USA starts in April.

Safety & Durability

  • Uncompromised Safety Features

    Central to the RUN-CHICKEN Villa’s design is ensuring the safety and well-being of your chickens. It incorporates durable aluminum mesh as a key defensive feature against predators, offering both formidable protection and clear visibility. This mesh is integrated seamlessly into the coop’s framework, reinforcing its overall strength. Furthermore, the Villa’s raised architecture not only deters ground-level threats but also mitigates environmental challenges such as moisture and flooding, keeping your chickens secure and dry in their habitat.

  • Built to Last: Durability and Weather Resistance

    The RUN-CHICKEN Villa is crafted entirely with premium aluminum, ensuring longevity and resilience. Aluminum, known for its resistance to corrosion and rust, keeps the coop in prime condition across all weather scenarios, from intense sunlight to heavy snow. This choice of material significantly enhances the coop’s durability and its ability to withstand the elements, providing a secure environment for your chickens throughout the year. Despite its light weight, aluminum offers robustness, making the coop both sturdy and conveniently portable.

  • Climate Control and Comfort

    The RUN-CHICKEN Villa prioritizes the well-being of your chickens with state-of-the-art climate control features designed to maintain a comfortable environment regardless of the weather. Central to this are the coop’s insulation and ventilation systems. The Villa is equipped with roll-form EPS insulation panels, expertly integrated within the walls and floor, providing thermal regulation that keeps the interior warm during winter and cool in the summer. Ventilation is thoughtfully engineered to ensure fresh air circulation without creating drafts, balancing the need for oxygen with the desire to maintain stable temperatures.

  • Natural Light

    A key feature contributing to the Villa’s climate control and comfort is the polycarbonate window. Not only does this window allow for ample natural light to enter, enriching the living environment for your chickens, but it is also engraved to prevent chickens from accidentally colliding with it. This safety engraving ensures that the window is both a source of light and a safe, transparent barrier, contributing to the overall well-being of the flock.

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